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November is National Healthy Skin Month

November 2013

To celebrate National Healthy Skin Month, we’re featuring dozens of beauty tips from dermatologists. Many of these tips can benefit everyone. You’ll discover the best time to wash your face and the benefits of wearing sunscreen year round.

Some tips are more specific. If you wear artificial nails, be sure to click on the first link under “Related resources.” It offers tips you can use to avoid a nail infection and keep your nails looking their best. If you color or perm your hair, you’ll want to watch this month’s video. It features tips that can help you see healthier-looking hair.

Coloring and perming tips for healthier-looking hair

What dermatologists tell their patients

Are you using a non-prescription anti-aging product that makes your skin sting, burn, or tingle? If so, stop using it. The product is irritating your skin, which can make your skin look older.

Related resources:

Artificial nails require care to keep nails healthy

Face washing 101

How to create an anti-aging skin care plan

In the news

Countries banning tanning beds
The dangers of indoor tanning are real. Tanning beds expose you to high doses of UV radiation. This greatly increases your risk of getting all types of skin cancer. It also increases your risk of developing premature skin aging, cataracts, and melanoma in the eye.

To protect people, governments are banning indoor tanning. In the U.S., six states have legislation that bans minors under the age of 18 from indoor tanning. Brazil goes even further. It has outlawed tanning beds nationwide. Now some states in Australia are passing laws to ban indoor tanning.

To find out what legislators Down Under plan and bans other countries have in place, read Next Frontier in the move to ban tanning beds.

Dermatologists offer face-washing tips
Scrubbing your face until it feels squeaky clean may seem good for your skin, but it’s not healthy. Scrubbing can cause dry and damaged skin.

To find out what dermatologists recommend, including the best time to wash your face, read, The real dirt on face washing.

Academy news

Your holiday cards can help send kid to camp
Your holiday greeting cards can make a difference in a child’s life. When you buy your cards from the Academy, you help fund Camp Discovery. This camp brings joy to many kids who have a long-term skin condition. Many past campers look forward all year to spending a week at Camp Discovery.

You benefit, too, because you get:

  • Quality cards at 15% off retail
  • Two lines of free imprinting
  • Easy online shopping

You can view the cards and place your order at Greeting cards spread cheer, help support Camp Discovery.

Dermatologists share expertise, join Choosing Wisely®
With so many treatments and medical tests available, it can be difficult to know what’s best for you. Choosing Wisely® is a national campaign that can help. This campaign gives you access to recommendations from more than 80 medical specialties, including dermatology.

To join Choosing Wisely®, the Academy shared dermatologists’ expertise about topics ranging from treatment for early melanoma to fungal infections.

You’ll find the recommendations dermatologists shared at:

Next month – Dry skin relief


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