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Financial assistance for prescriptions

October 2011

It can be downright embarrassing to tell your doctor that you cannot afford your prescription. Many people who find themselves in this situation never say a word. Some opt to take that piece of paper and never fill the prescription. Another option is to make a prescription last longer by taking less than prescribed.

In this issue, we offer information to help people who are struggling with the financial costs of their health care.

Accessing health care without health insurance
Includes information about:

  • Financial assistance for prescriptions.
  • Free health screenings.
  • How to get medical care.

Financial assistance available for psoriasis medications

What dermatologists tell their patients

Speak up if you cannot afford a medication. You may be eligible for a financial-assistance program or another treatment option.

Questions are the answer

Did you know that asking your doctor questions can improve your health care? To make people aware of this, the U.S. government is spreading the word. Before your next doctor's appointment, be sure to visit the link below. This site includes questions you should ask.

Questions are the answer

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Academy news

Bargain cosmetic procedure no bargain

The demand for cosmetic procedures continues to grow. People seek cosmetic procedures to give them a competitive edge in a tough job market. Baby boomers want to look as young as they feel.

This demand has led to many inexperienced and untrained individuals offering cosmetic procedures. If you are interested in getting a cosmetic procedure, it is important to know this:

Your results depend largely on the skill and experience of the person performing the procedure.

That's why it's so important to ask specific questions before having a cosmetic procedure. Visiting the following pages will help you do just that:

Who should be providing your cosmetic treatment?
Q&A and video featuring board-certified dermatologist.

Cosmetic procedures
Tells you what you can realistically expect from cosmetic procedures dermatologists perform.

Fact sheets
Cosmetic dermatology
Global rejuvenation
Laser hair removal

Next month:
November is National Healthy Skin Month


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