Acne Scars: Effective Treatment Available

September 2009

Acne Scars: Answers to Common Questions
If you are thinking about treatment for acne scars, you probably have questions. Many people want to know which treatment works best. Others want to find out what they can do at home to treat acne scars. Here you will find what many dermatologists tell their patients. (more)

Skin Color Changes: Spots may Fade with Right Treatment
When acne clears, spots sometimes appear on the skin where the acne once was. These spots may be pink, red, or purple in people with lighter skin and tan to dark brown in people with darker skin. Many people believe these spots are scars. The good news is that these are not scars. (more)

Depressed Acne Scars: Effective Treatment Available

Raised Acne Scars: Treatment can Ease Pain, Diminish Scars

What Dermatologists Tell Their Patients

You may be able to prevent acne scars by treating your acne. Treatment reduces acne severity, and less severe acne means less chance of scarring.

More Information: Acne Treatment

12 Ways to Get Better Results from Acne Treatment

Adult Acne: Effective Treatment Available

Treating Severe Acne

More Health News and Information

Bleach Baths May Help Control Atopic Dermatitis
Treating atopic dermatitis (AD) by adding bleach to your bathwater may sound like an old wives’ tale. After all, dermatologists recommend gentle, fragrance-free products for their patients with AD. Bleach hardly falls into this category. A bleach bath, however, may be exactly what your dermatologist orders. (more)

Quick Check Could Save Your Grandparents’ Lives
To commemorate National Grandparents Day, which occurs each September, the Academy encourages people to lovingly remind their grandparents to perform a skin self-examination. A skin self-examination is an easy way to detect the only cancer that can be seen on the surface of a person’s skin.
Your grandparents can use the Academy’s free body mole map to help them examine their skin for any suspicious lesions that could be cancerous.

Body Mole Map
On this one page, you will find instructions for performing a skin self-examination, an illustrated guide that shows you what to look for, and an area to keep track of your moles.

If your grandparents need some encouragement to perform this examination, you may want to direct them to this article or print it out for them to read:

Skin Cancer: Need for Skin Exam Increases with Age

Academy Announcements

Making the Outdoors Safer for Communities: The American Academy of Dermatology Announces 2009 AAD Shade Structure Program Grant Recipients
One of the ways to protect yourself from the damaging ultraviolet (UV) rays of the sun is to seek shade, especially during the peak sun hours of 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. However, for many daycare centers, schools and recreational organizations, these hours are prime times for outdoor educational programs and recess. To assist schools and organizations in creating sun-safe educational and play areas, the American Academy of Dermatology (Academy) provides grants for shade structures.

In August, the Academy announced the recipients of the 2009 AAD Shade Structure Program grants. (more)

Dermatologists Screen More Than 1,300 People for Skin Cancer at Kentucky State Fair

Tim Gunn Hosts Addressing Psoriasis™ Fashion Show to Raise Awareness of Psoriasis

Academy Updates Key Information

Advances in medicine and technology continue at a rapid pace. To give you the most up-to-date information, the Academy recently updated the following pamphlets:

Basal Cell Carcinoma

Cosmeceutical Facts & Your Skin

Next Month – Skin Exams: Why These Help Keep You Healthy


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