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What causes hair loss?

August 2012

Have you noticed gradual hair loss? Has it become more noticeable with each passing year?

If you answered yes to these questions, you may have hereditary hair loss. This is the most common cause of hair loss, and it occurs in both men and women. Men usually develop a receding hairline and noticeable hair loss on top of the scalp. Women tend to keep their hairline and notice overall thinning of the hair on their head. Hereditary hair loss is treatable.

You can learn more about hereditary hair loss, treatment options, and many other causes for hair loss by visiting these pages:

What causes hair loss?

Alopecia areata: Who gets and causes

Hair loss: Who gets and causes

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Treatment for hair loss

Cosmetic procedures: Hair restoration

Hair loss: Diagnosis, treatment, and outcome

Hair care tips

Good hair care may head off hair loss

Tips for healthy hair (2:49)

What dermatologists tell their patients

Many patients bothered by hereditary hair loss have had a hair transplant. Thanks to advances in this field, patients now have such natural-looking results that even a hair stylist cannot tell who has had a hair transplant.

Academy news

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August is Psoriasis Awareness Month
If you have psoriasis, it is important to learn about this autoimmune disease. Knowing what triggers your psoriasis can help you avoid flare-ups. Treatment can help you get psoriasis under control. Psoriasis Awareness Month is a great time to learn something new about psoriasis. Who knows, it might just help you feel better year round:

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Next month: Skin care for acne-prone skin


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