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10-day global visits under scrutiny

October 11, 2013

This is the second article in a six-part series that focuses on areas where dermatology is vulnerable, and how members can take action to preserve the ability to practice the full scope of dermatology for the benefit of patients. In this second installment, Scott Dinehart, MD, discusses how 10-day global visits are being scrutinized.



Transplant dermatology






Transplant patients in dire need of dermatological care
By Fiona O'Reilly Zwald, MD

Dr. Zwald writes about her experience as an active member of a transplant team, and how being a member of such a team offers transplant patients better access to dermatological care. Because these patients are subject to an increased level of skin diseases, it is the role of the transplant dermatologist to not only treat these problems, but also to monitor the patientís overall health as revealed in the skin.


Enhance patient care with teledermatology
By April W. Armstrong, MD, MPH

As an early adopter of teledermatology, Dr. Armstrong writes about two ways dermatologic care is delivered: Store-and-forward and live-interactive teledermatology. She encourages networking among dermatologists who use teledermatology, and demonstrates how you can edit your AAD member profile to reflect that you use teledermatology in your practice.


Meaningful use appeals

Ask the Academy

CMS offers meaningful use appeals process

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has provided a form that allows physicians to appeal their meaningful use incentive payments. Learn more about the form and download it on AAD.org.


How can I keep tabs on practice management issues that affect my office staff?

Learn how Academy resources can keep you and your staff abreast of practice management issues in this time of health care reform.



Photo of the week: Contact dermatitis




As a dermatologist, you know that contact dermatitis can present in many forms. But explaining the nuances of this condition to patients can sometimes be challenging. The Academyís Dermatology A to Z patient education section on AAD.org makes the forms of this skin condition easier for patients to understand, with photos and easy-to-read descriptions of eczema and dermatitis. Learn more about all the resources the Academy offers to make patient education easier.




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