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June 2013

AAD and MLB:
Teaching fans how to play sun smart

As summer begins, SPOT Skin Cancer™ activities are in full swing. This season Play Sun Smart™, one of several SPOT Skin Cancer™ initiatives, is expanding skin cancer awareness to the fans. Onsite events at local ballparks are furthering important messages of sun safety through the commitment of Major League Baseball (MLB) and the following teams: see here.

Play Sun Smart™ – a partnership between the Academy, MLB, and the Major League Baseball Players Association (MLBPA) – raises awareness about skin cancer and offers detection and prevention tips for baseball players, team staff and fans. Last year, over 2,300 participants were screened for skin cancer by Academy member dermatologists. This year, in addition to screenings, local events held by baseball teams like the Chicago Cubs will continue to raise awareness of sun safety. Learn more about how the SPOT Skin Cancer™ campaign is working to reduce the incidence of skin cancer, and how you can get involved.

Givers' guide tip:
Camp Discovery begins in 10 days! Help youth with skin conditions discover the joys of summer camp by making a donation today.

Join the movement

Skin cancer has a profound impact. Learn more about how individuals have been affected by skin cancer, and feel the courage of skin cancer survivors and their family and friends.

If you have a story, please help inform and educate others about skin cancer by sharing your experience at the SPOT Skin Cancer™ website.

Corporate partner collaboration propels Academy’s success

Young physicians will gain on the ground exposure working in dermatologic drug development and translational medical research through the Translational Biotechnology Fellowship, a partnership between the Academy and Galderma Laboratories, L.P. It is through collaborations with our corporate partners that these unique opportunities can occur. Sometimes this evolves into new projects and/or programs that further the mission of the Academy by educating the public on dermatological care or meeting educational needs of dermatologists, among many other areas.

Contact the Academy’s Philanthropic Programs department if you have a project/opportunity that you would like to discuss.





Prevent. Detect. Live.™

Imagine a world without skin cancer. SPOT Skin Cancer™, the American Academy of Dermatology’s campaign, has that vision and is determined to increase public awareness on prevention, detection and care in order to reduce incidences of skin cancer and save lives. The Academy’s commitment to these efforts is highlighted through some of our activities during the month of May, Skin Cancer Awareness Month®:

Prevent. Melanoma Monday® kicked things off on Monday May 6 with a focused national effort to raise awareness of skin cancer. Across the country, the color orange signified support of the Academy’s skin cancer prevention messages. Read more about how the nation was painted orange.

Detect. On May 7, Academy member dermatologists performed screenings for the public on Capitol Hill, following a congressional briefing to raise awareness about melanoma, encourage early detection of skin cancer, and to educate the public about sun safety. Read more about this Washington, D.C. event.

Live. In addition to practicing sun safe behavior by wearing sunscreen, covering up, and seeking shade, there are many other ways to get involved! You can utilize the Academy’s free downloadable resources, organize a skin cancer screening event, and more. Learn more about how to be a part of SPOT Skin Cancer™.


AAD Leadership/Corporate Partner Circle Summit

Over 40 representatives of industry and Academy leaders convened on April 18-19 in Baltimore, MD for the 2nd AAD Leadership/Corporate Partner Circle Summit. Hosted by the Academy’s Corporate Relations Task Force, the Summit promotes discussion on areas of mutual interest.

Four discussion topics were each presented and facilitated by a Corporate Relations Task Force member and a member of industry, who also served to plan the event. In addition, a new feature added to this Summit’s agenda. The “Corner Office Perspective,” provided an opportunity for the CEO of one of our corporate partners to speak on an issue of interest to the mix of industry and Academy leaders in attendance.

As noted by David M. Pariser, MD, FAAD, Chair of the Corporate Relations Task Force, “We appreciated the opportunity to sit at the table with our corporate partners to discuss some of the current issues facing both industry and the specialty, and we have much to do to follow-up on key the takeaways from the meeting."

In the coming months, the Academy will provide regular updates on the Summit topics and resulting action items. An update is being planned for the Corporate Partner Recognition Reception at the Summer Academy Meeting.


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